• Advantages of back extension

    Advantages of back extension

    A back extension is an exercise performed on a back extension bench, sometimes referred to as the Roman chair. As spinal flexion occurs, it targets the erector spinae to help increase strength and stability in the lower back and hip flexors. The hamstrings have a small role, but are not the main...
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  • SUNSFORCE Smith Machine HPA402

    SUNSFORCE Smith Machine HPA402

    Smith machine is a machine that can be used to do squats, weightlifting, high and low pulls, butterfly chest expansion, small birds, arm curls, pull-ups and other movements. The movement trajectory of the action, so the requirements for the standard and balance of the ac...
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  • How can you build muscle cleanly?

    How can you build muscle cleanly?

    The first step is to lower body fat, for boys if our current body fat is more than 15%, I strongly recommend lowering body fat to 12% to 13% before starting a clean muscle building diet. Then, for girls if our current body fat is over 25%, I suggest you drop to 20% before you start a muscle buil...
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  • HPA402-1


    Sunsforce Functional Trainer / Counter Balanced Smith Machine & Squat Rack with an enormous Dual 90 K/198lb Weight stack total (181kg/ 297lb) built to the very highest of quality. Designed to exceed strength training and rehabilitation goals for high-performance athl...
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